Wednesday, March 1, 2017

What's your Practice?

When do you practice?

This Sunday, the message was on the topic of practice.  

My main insight from this sermon on practice was this:  
  • An Attorney is someone who practices law
  • A Doctor is someone who practices medicine
  • A Christian is someone who practices their faith

The opposite was shared too, that knowledge without a practice is useless.  The doctor with a cure for cancer, but does not do anything with this information, is worthless to others.  You must be willing to put your knowledge into practice.

What keeps people from practicing?  Fear of failure, fear of mistakes, fear of being found out that you do not really know it all?  If you have the mindset of the expert, I can now see how these thoughts can hold you back.  But in the mindset of practice, it holds the space that you are still learning, getting better, making mistakes, trying new ways to improve and build on what you know.  You also never stop because there is no end point.  Practice is the end point.

So what do you want to start practicing again?  Faith, Family, Fitness, Friends, Fun?

The best part about the practice mindset is that there are coaches of all types out there that can assist you in your practice.  They can help you establish a practice, can help you get better quicker, improve your technique, and make you better at what you are working on.  Do not hesitate to reach out and let them be a part of your practice.

How does this apply to me?  I am a personal coach, a person that coaches others on opportunities, challenges, and areas of struggles in both business and life. 

And I too need to practice.  I have dedicated time each week to learn and develop new skills.  I also need other people to practice with!  This is where you come in.  If you have an opportunity, challenge, dream, or your own area that you want to start to practice, reach out to me and we can have a conversation. 

No fee or charge, it’s just practice.

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